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Prior art equipment

Prior Technology Equipment for New Business

COMPANY Introduction

CEO 인사말


I think Creative thinking is the best service.

I am Lee Moon-won of LWS System Co., Ltd.
Binary Systems has been established in many countries around the world for the continuous development of the Korean measuring equipment industry. Rapid domestic supply of advanced equipment manufactured with advanced technologyThrough
We are helping to improve the quality of IT prototypes such as smartphones and tablets.
With this TSP, ITO FILM, Tempered glass, secondary battery, Various equipments based on high technology acquired at the production site for equipments that will be used very critically for the LED light industry
We also play a role as a equipment manufacturer by manufacturing and supplying.
Especially, the equipment developed by our company, such as warp & amp; flatness measuring machine, label automatic attaching machine, peeling tester, ball drop tester, impact tester, etc. It is being used as an important device that should not be used.
The high-speed growth of TSP and tempered glass industries, which are promised for continuous development in the future, enables more precise, efficient and easy use in many processes, It demands quality equipment.
Nevertheless, due to the lack of Korean technology, most of the production equipment relies on measuring equipment produced in countries such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Israel. I feel very sorry for the situation.
Our binary system will continue Familiar with the ever-developing industrial diversification topography, and develop useful equipment to improve the technical skills of the production site and apply it to the production process By producing quality products
We will work closely with our customers so that we can do our best to secure our interests in Korea's industrial development.
san-eob-ui gag bun-yaui choeilseon-eseo dayanghan nolyeog-eul giul-imyeo boda na-eun jepum-eul mandeulgi wihae bulcheoljuya ttwigo issneun yuneunghan gieob A competent company that is constantly working at the forefront of each sector of the industry to make better productsHard work to help build will We look forward to your interest and support in the development and progress of our binary system.

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